Strumming Some Heartstrings

Friday, November 23, 2012
at 5:20 PM

since i can't upload any pictures onto this blog anymore , i created a new blog .
and i was so lazy to think of a new link . so ... yeah .

here it is !
you know you love me

Thursday, November 15, 2012
at 11:41 PM

i wished things was much more simple . 
i wished i was stronger for all of these . 

things will get better ,
i hope .

you know you love me

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
the past month at 12:22 AM

been neglecting my blog for the past few weeks . whooops .
trying to get use to my university life now .
it's already been the 9th week , which is study week . yeehaawww !

nothing much happened basically .
but just to keep my blog post interesting , gonna post pictures about places i've went .

so .. the boyf came down to KL to visit .
it's been more than a month since i last saw him .
he brought me a restaurant at Uptown . apparently , it's famous for it's hokkien mee .
i've never really like hokkien mee so i ordered another dish instead . with lala !
but i did try the hokkien mee . it's not bad , and it doesn't have the sauce taste which i dislike .

and finally , i had Nando's for lunch ! (Y)
all thanks to le boyf (:

Nando's new member card .
will get one next time . eheheheee

mine . 1/4 chicken , coleslaw and peri chips .

boyf's . 1/4 chicken , garlic bread and wedges with peri sprinkles .

i also get to satisfy my craving for famous amos cookies !
i'm a happy happy kid :D :D

Starbucks's Christmas edition card .
loving it !

ticket for midnight movie , skyfall . and guess what ?
we end up watching only the first hour of the movie .______.
shortest movie i've ever watched .

few days ago , had my lunch at Grand Imperial Restaurant , Sri Hartamas Shopping Center . 
mom was the one who suddenly wants to eat dimsum . so off we went !

deciding what to order . hm .. tough choices .

"fasteeeerr . i wanna eat lah"

wantan mee with minced meat .

har gaw . (not very sure if it's spelled like that . but you get me right)

salad prawn .
usually it's my favourite . but this is not the salad prawn that i usually have .

egg tart .

no idea what it's called in english .

char siew pau .

xiao long bao .

drove to sri petaling as sis wanted to buy some books from a bookstore around that area .
seriously , i would never go to sri petaling again .
unless to eat .
the place is just packed with ... weird people . dislike dislike the place !

met up with Racheal and Joel for a shopping spree !
shopping can actually make people very happy you know . hahaha :P
had sakae sushi for lunch . 
sushi zanmai will always be better !

Racheal ; Me .

chilling at starbucks .

Joel actually closed his eyes ._.

loving this pictureeee .

group shot ! although it's kinda blur , but the picture turned out good .
after a gazillion shots . 

and a random picture of mua . 

我不过是一个很想幸福的人 .

you know you love me

Monday, October 8, 2012
at 9:58 PM

i'm gonna just blog about random places .
mostly about food ! hahaha i know , fat die .

Rakuzen , Tropicana City Mall 
Myvi or Saga FLX ?
my mom wanted to buy a car for me , as i'm going all the way to Semenyih .
she's worried that if i have night classes , it's very dangerous for me to walk to uni .
so we went to check out both cars !

went to Rakuzen with my parents and sisters .
as we had no idea what else is there to eat in Tropicana City Mall .
happy to bring my V1 along ! hehehe

drove to 1u after that for Daiso .
i loooveeeee going into Daiso . everything is just RM5 !
but sometimes it's just hard to find the things you want .

LMAO epic face . no idea what was i doing .

mua . sis .
notice that her legs are freaking long ? sighs , jealous .

sis ordered ONE fish roe .___.

spot the smoke ? :P

Unagi with rice .

i eat chicken teriyaki in every japanese restaurant .

Thai Restaurant , Ampang 
seafood lunch with my uncles and aunts at a Thai Restaurant which is located at Ampang .
totally forgot what's the name of the restaurant tho .
the environment there is so nice ! the food ain't bad either .


i seriously love the environment there .

look at the hilarious cousin .

say cheeseeee !

mom , sis .

i find these creepy D:<

"my hair is messy . ugh !"

Because of your smile , you make life more beautiful .

a picture with mah papa !

#ootd .

Paradigm Mall
my mom suggested that we should go to Paradigm Mall , since we've never been there before .
the building actually looks more like an office than a shopping mall .
it has a totally unique design !
at first , we wanted to just go and have Sushi Zanmai for our lunch .
but we pass by this chinese restaurant , Paradise Dynasty which has all kinds of 小龙包!
so we went in and had our lunch there instead .
we only order the original flavour as we were all very hungry and just wanna eat something !
the restaurant's concept is almost the same as Dragon-i .
i personally prefer Dragon-i's 小龙包 . it tastes better .

hahaha loving ze sis's expression !

pringles on the waaaay ...

pretty lamps deco .

the place is almost packed with people .

the waiters are all very pro at serving tea .

look ! there're so many flavours ! 
feel like trying the crab roe one next time . 

Are you eating 小龙包 in a right way ?

sorry for the blur picture ):

it's focused on the cup instead of me -.-

one of the fried rice . not bad at all ! worth a try .

poser sis .

there's a lot of shops at Paradigm Mall .
i specially love one of the vintage shop .
can't remember the name of the shop .
bought a bracelet but i wear it as an anklet instead . LOVING IT !

it's the 34th month ! i love you boy , more than yesterday (:
you know you love me


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